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SOAR Reading Challenge

The CCMS SOAR Reading Challenge is for students to read 30 minutes (15 minutes in school and 15 minutes after school) per day.  Your student will be given time each day to read 15 minutes in their Connections class and they are responsible for reading the other 15 minutes each day after school. 

SOAR Reading Challenge Support

Your child will have the opportunity to self-select and bring home books at their reading level. Students may choose to read these books, library books, or any other reading material (magazines, newspapers, online, any and all reading counts). However, as part of the program it is highly recommended that students read material/books on their independent reading level for the majority of the reading time.   On holidays and weekends they will need to read 30 minutes each day.

After reading, ask your child questions about their book:

  • What is happening in the book?
  • Why do you think that that is happening?
  • What evidence from the text supports what you suggest is happening in the book?
  • Refer to your student’s leveled, color-coded Skill Card. Tip: Encourage your student to use the Skill Card as a bookmark.

SOAR Reading Log Sheet

Your child will have a book log.  If your child is actively engaged reading for the 15 minutes provided in Connections class, the classroom teacher will sign 1 “line” on your student’s log. The at-home coach who is monitoring that your student is actively engaged in reading for at least 15 minutes will sign an additional “line” for that day.  Your child is expected to read 2 “lines” each day (each line represents at least 15 minutes of reading, 1 “line” in school and 1 “line” at home). Coaches are asked to only initial “lines” that the student was actively engaged in reading.

Skill Cards

The SOAR Reading Challenge skill cards travel between home and school daily. As mentioned earlier, it’s a great idea for the students to use them as bookmarks.  The skill cards are made to help the at-home coach support their student make growth in reading. On each card you will find the skills and strategies that match your child’s reading level, including reading comprehension questions that require the higher-order thinking needed to be successful on the Georgia Milestone Assessment.

Thank you for supporting your child in the CCMS SOAR Reading Challenge.